Jordon T. Fite

Anjali Kunapaneni

Jordon Fite proudly stars in Power Rangers Dino Fury as the franchise’s first African American Gold Ranger. Power Rangers Dino Fury is an action, adventure, comedy series that follows a brand-new team of Power Rangers fueled by prehistoric powers of the dinosaurs, who are recruited to deal with the threat of an army of powerful alien beings who have been unleashed on Earth, threatening life as we know it. Fite is humbled to be the first African American Gold Ranger and takes his job of being a leader and role model to his young fans very seriously. He loves playing the easy going, fun-loving and always charming Aiyon. He appreciates his character’s deep sense of justice and his willingness to break the rules to do the right thing, but also loves how easily distracted his character can get over ice cream and anything sweet, providing on-going comic relief! Fite can relate to his character’s love for sweets and making people laugh, which are also two of his favorite things.

For years Fite was told by his friends & family that he was destined to be in the entertainment business because of how he always entertained them! At age 15 he followed this trusted advice and started creating skits on social media, making thousands of videos and content. He quickly went from one follower to over a million! This led him to pursuing a successful modeling career, then crossing over into acting at age 19. Within just 6 months of pursuing his acting career professionally, he signed with a Los Angeles Manager and booked his leading role on Power Rangers!

Fite realizes his quick success in acting is rare, but attributes his success to his competitive nature, intense work ethic and willingness to always go above and beyond to make his dreams and goals happen.

At the early age of 3, he started playing T-ball and little league basketball. A football coach noticed his speed in basketball and recruited him to play on the football team. After little league, he became a star player throughout his years in middle and high school with his football and basketball teams, often being named MVP. He also enjoyed running track. Fite has a true love and respect for all sports and feels blessed for the athletic ability and competitive spirit that he was born with.

Fite is loved by his peers and looked up to as a natural leader. He was elected homecoming King his senior year, and voted most popular on campus. He takes his friendships seriously, and is always there to lend a hand or to be there in any way needed for his friends, family and community.

Giving back and being a voice for the African American community is very important to Fite. He also enjoys having the opportunity to speak to his young fans and share his story to help encourage, motivate and inspire them to go after their dreams and not stop until they make them happen, like he has. Anything is possible.

For fun, Fite loves to travel and explore new cultures and customs. Thanks to Power Rangers, he spent over a year shooting in beautiful New Zealand, taking in the many beautiful sites and getting to know the incredible people. He also had the chance to go through extreme stunt training as a Ranger, which he really enjoyed and wants to do more of! Staying in shape, working out and keeping his body fit is important to him. He’s keeping his body in prime shape for the next Super Hero role he’s ready to book! Fite is the youngest sibling of six born to Yolanda and Howard Fite. He currently has duel residency, spending time in Houston, Texas with his mom and sister, and in Los Angeles for his auditions and work.