Cam Kendell

Anjali Kunapaneni

Well, hopefully it’s clear from this site that I’m a Professional Illustrator of all things absurd and fantastical. I love creating images rich with story, character, and texture that capture the imagination of the viewer. And for some reason I can’t stop drawing Gnomes, Goblins, and long Scraggly beards.

Cam (now I’m going to start typing in the third person as if it were somebody writing my biography) is the illustrator for Aaron Reynold’s Fart Quest series, creator of such comics as Choose Your Gnome Adventure, Mortimer B. Radley: the Case of the Missing Monkey Skull, and Flopnar the Bunbarian and artist for board games like D&D’s Dungeon Mayhem: Monster Madness (<–amazon associate link) and 5-Minute Mystery. When not drawing gnomes and/or goblins Cam enjoys birding, rocking on the accordion, losing at board games, and hiking in the beautiful Utah mountains with his wife and four children, hoping to see a black bear… from a safe distance.

Hey, Cam here again. Now I’m going to go back to first person talk. I have expertise in Sequential Art, Publishing, Board Game Asset Illustration, and Visual Development for Animation.