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Taalia Vess

      Taalia Vess is a full time multimedia creator who specializes in Magic the Gathering content. You can find her content on platforms such as Twitch, TikTok, Whatnot, and Magic: The Gathering Arena’s official YouTube channel. She founded “She Sparkz”, who’s mission is to unite marginalized communities in gaming to increase representation, provide a safe positive space, and inspire collaborative success. Outside of work you can typically find her at her favorite local game shop Coral Sword, where she hosts a weekly women’s focused edh night called She/EDH. Other than playing Magic, she enjoys traveling, a good cup of coffee, and a hot bowl of pho. 


      Zabracus (Za-Bruh-Cuss) is a level 30 professional nerd from Salt Lake City, Utah. She streams Magic: the Gathering Arena on Twitch as a Twitch Partner and was a part of the Fade2Karma (F2K) stream team. Known for her genderbends and armor builds, her cosplay repertoire includes Goku, Zatanna, (S)He-Man, Alleria Windrunner & more. Zab has been a cosplay guest at over 25 Comic and Pop Culture conventions across the USA & Canada. As a voice and commercial actrress, she has produced ad content for mobile games like Angry Birds 2, Lemmings, Candy Crush Saga, and more. In her spare time, Zab is a book enthusiast, foodie, corgi lover, and dungeon slayer. An entrepreneur at heart, Zab co-owns Super Sonic Speed Dating and Nerdvana Talent (established 2005), in which she unites geekdoms and promotes talented artists, respectively. Zab has been cosplaying since 2013 and streaming since 2017.


      Hello Friends! My name is Brendan Rollin, better known as MTG_Baron. I’ve made Magic the Gathering comedy skits for over a year and been a long time player. I‘m a 26 years old and my favorite format is casual commander. My work is content creation, WhatNot, Uber, and I’m a Medical Services officer in the Army National Guard. I also DM my homebrew campaign casting some Magic the Gathering content creators as well! Episodes come out the first of every month. 

      My Magic the Gathering journey starts in tenth edition when I went to an invitational and state competition as a thirteen year old. I wanted to be the first young pro. I stoped playing in Scars of Mirrodin due to financial and logistical reasons. Then my college roommate in 2019 begged me to start playing again because they needed a fourth for commander. The nail of the coffin was the return of my favorite block, Ravnica. I primarily play commander, limited, and cube! I love teaching others how to play, meeting people, and listening to your favorite MTG moments! Feel free to come up and talk to me anytime!

Bradley Smith

      Hi there. I’m Bradley. Bradley Smith. Bradley William Smith. Yeah, I know. I’m a 3-name person. Sorry. If you’re not a kid, you probably have no clue who I am! I’m the voice actor for the gaming panda bear of YouTube, Combo Panda. The channel is named after the character and after roughly 5 years, we’ve accrued over 2 million subscribers and 1.5 billion views. “Combo Panda” is a sister channel of “Ryan’s World,” which is one of the most massive childrens brands right now with over 33 million subscribers and 53 billion views. Aside from Combo, I provide voices for the Ryan’s World characters Packrat, Moe the Monster, Shelldon the Baby Dinosaur, and Robo Combo Panda. Sometimes, Combo Panda games against Robo Combo on the “VTubers” channel (over 2.3 million subscribers/1.8 billion views). You can also catch me in live-action as myself over on “The Studio Space” YouTube channel (over 3 million subscribers/1.8 billion views)

      Under the Ryan’s World brand, my silly voices can be heard in “Ryan’s Mystery Playdate” (Nick Jr.), “Ryan’s World Specials” (Hulu), the video games “Race with Ryan” and “Ryan’s Rescue Squad” (Switch, PS4, XBox One, PC), the mobile app games “Tag with Ryan,” “Super Spy Ryan: Rumble Arena,” and “Ryan’s Dart Tag,” and even a good chunk of toys including the Combo Panda Build-A-Bear. We’re starting to produce anime specials now, too, such as “Super Spy Ryan” (Amazon) and “Ryan’s Arctic Adventures” (YouTube). 

      When I’m not working on content to make kiddos laugh, I’m thinking of things to make adults laugh (hopefully). The dream is to be a professional standup comic, so I take any opportunity I can to tell jokes. Even at conventions! So, be sure to catch my “Unconventional Comedy” set, which are a bunch of jokes for those who love going to conventions.

Voice Actors

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Joshua Seth

      Millions of kids grew up listening to Joshua as the starring role of Tai, the leader of the Digimon, in Digimon: The Movie as well as on the wildly successful daily cartoon series on the Fox network. He soon followed up that success as the starring voice of of Shobu on Cartoon Network’s Dual Masters.
      Other starring animation roles include: Cyborg Soldier 009 on the Cartoon Network show of the same name, Spencer on the hit ABC Family show Tokyo Pig, and Hige on Cartoon Network’s Wolf’s Rain, as well as Sparky on Nickelodeon’s Speed Racer and the evil Young Knives in Trigun.

      To adult fans of animation, he’s best known as the villainous voice of Tetsuo, the starring role in the animated masterpiece, Akira (2001). 

Megan Hollingshead

      Best known for her anime dubbing work, Megan’s most famous roles include Nurse Joy, Cassidy in the first 6 seasons of the Pokémon anime series and Mai Valentine in the first 3 seasons of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters. She also lent her voice to the Enix role-playing game series Valkyrie Profile as Lenneth. During the start of Pokémon’s 7th season, she left New York City to relocate to her current residence in Los Angeles, and continue her voice acting career, voicing characters such as Shizune in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, Rangiku Matsumoto and Nemu Kurotsuchi in Bleach, Hilda in Eureka Seven, Villetta Nu in the Code Geass series, and Re-l Mayer in Ergo Proxy. Megan’s theatre résumé is as extensive, if less so, with roles in performances of The Duchess of Malfi, Baptizing Adam, Spacegrrrls, and Vinegar Tom, to name but a few. Megan studied acting at the William Esper Studio, and is a founding member of the Adirondack Theatre Festival. She serves as a yoga instructor in her spare time.

Wayne Grayson

      Grayson’s first and most notable role was portraying Joey Wheeler in Yu-Gi-Oh!. Grayson went on to voice the two most notable roles in this series (Yu-Gi-Oh! Gx) as the voices of Syrus Truesdale and Lyman Banner. He also provided the voices of Elemental Hero Sparkman, Skull Knight (and his disguise form, Ancient Brain), Pharaoh, Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise, and the Alien of Light.
      He also went on to voice Michelangelo in the award winning TMNT (2003) along with all of the video games that were attached to the series!

     Grayson has become a legend in the voice acting world with his roles in Yu-Gi-Oh! Which is one of the biggest American anime’s of all time!

Stephanie Nadolny

      Stephanie is an American voice actress who has provided voices for a number of English-language versions of Japanese anime films and television series. Some of her most notable roles include young Goku in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, and Kid Gohan in the same series.

Daman Mills

      Daman Mills is an American voice actor and ADR director from Seattle, Washington. He voiced in various dubs of English-language anime and video games at Funimation and Bang Zoom Entertainment, most notably as Frieza from Dragon Ball Super. He also voiced in Pokémon, Nanbaka, Kochoki, Fire Emblem, Evangelion and Final Fantasy VII Remake.. 

Tara Sands

      Tara can be heard on hundreds of radio and TV commercials, audiobooks, video games, and on several popular cartoons including Pokemon (over 50 roles in the original English dub including Bulbasaur), Yugioh, Digimon, Generator Rex, Hunter x Hunter, Barbie Life In The Dreamhouse, and lots more . She has recorded ads for everything under the sun, including McDonalds, American Express, Ford, Pom, Home Depot, Albertsons and many, many more. You can hear her in video games like Dead Island, Avatar, Singularity, Final Fantasy, and Call of Juarez. Tara has narrated over 200 audiobooks, including the series Sammy Keyes, and Meg Cabot’s Allie Finkle. She has received numerous Earphones awards from Audiofile Magazine and has been nominated for Audie awards as well. You can Tara’s voice can be heard all day long as the imaging voice on numerous radio stations around the country.

      For 2 years (over 100 episodes!), Tara was the on-camera host of Cartoon Network’s weekly Friday night lineup, appropriately titled Fridays. On Fridays Tara interviewed dozens of celebrities like Johnny Depp, Robin Williams, Charles Barkley and Kevin Spacey, and had more on-camera food fights than she cares to remember. You can also check out Tara on TV on episodes of Everybody Hates Chris, The Fresh Beat Band, The Sarah Silverman Program, The Newsroom, and on her YouTube Channel.

Gregory Abbey

      Gregory Abbey, is an American voice actor who is known for working with 4Kids Entertainment, DuArt Film and Video, NYAV Post and Central Park Media. He is best known for his roles of Tristan Taylor in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, Yusei Fudo in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s and Raphael from the 2003 TV series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Darren Dunstan

      Darren Dunstan is a Canadian voice actor and director based in New York City. He has provided voice-over and voice direction on several properties of 4 Kids TV, as well as DuArt Film and Video. Dunstan’s most notable roles include Maximillion Pegasus in the English dub version of Yu-Gi-Oh! and Splinter in the 2003 TV series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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Mostafa Moussa

Mostafa Moussa is a 25+ year veteran of the comic book industry. Over his career he has worked for Marvel, DC, Image, Hasbro, IDW, Dynamite, Action Lab, Coffin, Zenescope, and many other publishers. He recently had the opportunity to work on Batman, Superman and Flash for DC, and special projects for Marvel and Loot Crate. He resides in Houston, TX. Check out more of his work at: www.MostafaINK.net

Drew Tucker

      One of the original 25 Magic: The Gathering artists. He started college at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale studying Graphic Design. After making it through the program, he moved in with his parents in Tennessee and attended a Baptist College to explore more of the visual arts. After a year or two he moved back to Carbondale, got married, and moved up to Seattle, where he finally graduated with a BA at Cornish College of the Arts. He spent about five years there, moved back to Carbondale for a few, then moved over to New York City, where he received his Masters degree under Marshall Arisman at the school of visual arts. He finally moved to Olney, where he is currently illustrating and teaching at Olney Central College. He did a lot of logo work and brochure design with the occasional illustration. But it wasn’t until the early 90s that he got his first real Illustration job – from Wizards of the Coast.
      Between the printing of Unlimited and Revised, the computer file of the Drew Tucker art for Plateau became corrupted and the original painting was lost, leaving the production team with no reasonable way to create a high-quality image. Luckily, art for dual-lands had been commissioned for the then-upcoming Ice Age set. So the Cornelius Brudi Plateau painting was then used as a stand-in for the original in the base set, and was actually misattributed to Tucker.

Phil Stone

      Phil Stone was given up by the wolves and raised by his parents. He was born in the 70’s, raised in the 80’s, and became a failed comic book artist in the 90’s. In the 2000’s, Phil gave up the pen and became a “D List” celebrity hairdresser, travelling the world and performing on stage with the latest coifs, and styling hair for long forgotten celebs. It wasn’t until several years ago that Phil got a second chance at illustration. Phil ran like a banshee in the night with this new opportunity to make it happen. He has graced the inner pages of such RPG’s as Kobold Press, Planet X games, Enworld, and Palladium Books to name a few out of the many. It was only a few years ago that Wizards of the Coast took notice and offered Phil a job. He never applied to the company, but was noticed for his Black and White illustrations, and was offered a freelance job. His art can be seen in 8 cards for Forgotten Realms, 11 cards in Baulders Gate, 2 in the Beadles and Grimm Secret Lair Drop, and 2 more yet to come in a secret set. Phil Stone was a self taught artist until as of late, when he decided to pursue his degree in illustration. Don’t let the diploma fool you though, his art is fueled by coffee, cigarettes, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and night terrors.

Chris Seaman

     Chris has been a freelance illustrator in hobby games for over 20 years. He is a graduate of the Columbus College of Art and Design where he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration. His work can be seen in such properties as Skylanders, Dungeons & Dragons, Kaijudo: Duel Masters, World of Warcraft, Harry Potter, Hearthstone, Pathfinder, Magic: The Gathering and is a contributor to Imagine FX Magazine and 3D Total magazine.
      In 2016 Chris guest curated the show Dream Worlds: The Art of Imaginative Realism at the Canton Museum of Art (Canton, OH). In 2015 Chris’ personal work appeared in the group show Wild About Harryhausen at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery (Los Angeles, CA). In 2014 his noncommissioned work, Beaute’ et la Bête had the honor of being included in the Spectrum Fantastic Art III exhibit at the Society of Illustrators (New York, NY). That same year he was also awarded a certificate of merit from both ARC Salon and the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles for his outstanding works. In 2013 Chris’ work appeared in the group art show, ZOMBIE at Last Rites Gallery (New York, NY). His personal work has appeared in Spectrum 19, 20, 21 and 22, won the Silver Award in the Editorial category in 23, and 24 the best in contemporary science fiction and fantasy art from around the world.
      Chris continues to work on his Cameo Creeps collection, personal and commissioned projects and exhibit around the U.S.

Mark A. Nelson

     Marks artistic journey has allowed him to research everything from the prehistoric to contemporary symbols and images from cultures around the world. It has also focused on our relationships with animals, their stories and fables and how they differ from culture to culture. The salamander during Medieval times was thought, “to be born of fire”, an amphibian phoenix. For many cultures, insects are the signs of rebirth and growth, but also the harbingers of death and pestilence. So, if he would have to classify himself, it would be as an image-maker.
      His personal images are a collection of strokes and marks, made by various tools, to create a believable world linking these symbols and visuals together. The visual story can be simple or complex, humorous to mysterious, full of fantastic creatures or just one object, and in colour or black and white. All of these elements become the basis for my visual images. Sometimes they are a series of drawing and sometimes the statement is complete in one image. He doesn’t expect the viewer to know all of the symbols and their meaning in my work. Part of that is up to their personal interpretations and reactions to his images. We all know, as time moves on words and images change their meaning to each generation. But, he would hope that his love of the natural world, its mystery, its shapes and forms, its textures, and its beauty comes across in his work.

RK Post

      Post has done freelance work for TSR, including Red Steel, Cutthroats of Lankhmar, and Spells & Magic. Post garnered a full-time staff illustration position at TSR in September 1996, painting cover illustrations for games and novels. Post soon began working on two projects: the Planescape setting for the Dungeons & Dragons game, and the new Alternity science fiction role-playing game. Post has worked on games and game lines such as Planescape, Deadlands, Alternity, Star Wars, and Vampire. 
      TSR was purchased by Wizards of the Coast soon after Post was hired. Post had the opportunity to illustrate cards for Magic: the Gathering, and also painted covers for Dungeon magazine.[2] WotC and Post parted for ways in the winter of 2000 and he now doubles as a full-time freelance illustrator still contracting occasional assignments through the subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc., and as a 2D and 3D artist for Gas Powered Games. Most recently, he finished working full-time as a 3D environmental artist for Sony Online Entertainment in May 2008.
      Post was nominated for an ASFA Chesley Award, for Best Gaming-Related Illustration, in 1999 for his work Alternity: Player’s Handbook (cover), and again in 2002 for his work “Lightning Angel”

Jeff Laubenstein

     Jeff Laubenstein has worked for several major Fantasy Game companies, including FASA, White Wolf, and Wizards of the Coast. He has been working in the field since the mid 80s. He was the art director on the Earthdawn project. Most of the Earthdawn books contained at least several of his contributions. In the early Shadowrun game books, his work featured prominently, illustrating nearly all of the NPC portraits.
      Laubenstein was the art director at FASA for almost a decade. His art appears in numerous FASA releases, including MechWarrior: The Battletech Role Playing Game (1986),[3]: 292  and Mercurial (Shadowrun) (1989).
      He has done illustrations for Magic: The Gathering. In 2001 he received a nomination for a Chesley Award, in the category Best Gaming-Related Illustration, for his work on Castles and Covenants (White Wolf Publishing).

Ken Meyer Jr.

    Throughout his career, Ken Meyer Jr. has worked on projects all over the media world such as working on projects such as Everquest, doing some art for Marvel Comics, and even working on a few military designs, such as the tail insignia for the stealth fighter. Somehow in the middle of it all he also found time to illustrate some Magic: The Gathering cards, from the Arabian Nights expansion to The Invasion expansion.

Margaret Organ-Kean

  After graduating from the University of Washington, artist Margaret Organ-Kean decided to do what any other fantasy artist would do in the early 1990s: attend Worldcon. Much like many early Magic: The Gathering artists, her unique, world-blended, mosaic-lain artwork was seen by the right people at Wizards of the Coast and Margaret soon became a staple artist for Magic for many years.

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